The Mind of a Married Man

Destination Unknown


Verde Passage Batangas Philippines


One of the coolest places to be on this planet is to be underwater.  For people who worry too much, too much stress at work and probably who just simply want to get away - the solution lies underneath (the ocean that is!)

It's a natural high, you get to leave all your worries behind (above water) and simply relax and flap your flippers away...



Places to Go

I have always wanted to visit Vienna, Greece, Spain and Brazil.

Hoping that the family will be able to go and travel to these places, experience the local cuisine and live the local life thereat.

Other places would include, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Hawaii ...

Socio Civic Undertaking

I used to be very active with the local community. I guess being in another country provides you with less opportunity to extend a helping hand because of differences in culture, laws and beliefs.

But does not necessarily restrict one's ability to NOT do something at least for a fellow national. Will step up efforts and relationships with the local embassy and find out how I may be of some help to others who might be in need.