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Secret of the Universe

Posted by Christopher Jacob on January 30, 2011 at 10:43 AM

What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve!


Sounds like a Multi-Vitamin TV advert? Well it is - was.


I was about 10 when I first saw and heard about this TV ad.  Didn't really pay much attention as my focus was how on earth a half naked man could win a race vs. a horse and cross a cliff for that matter? Awesome was the word - the baffled boy in me thought "that pill can really do all that?" Well, the pill must have made that man go run half naked or was it the horse that took the pill and gone crazy trying to jump the cliff?


Was really confused.


Having that phrase in my head, I googled it and found out that it was a paraphrase from Napoleon Hill's ("What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve").  History ponders upon us.


When our minds acept that something is true, a belief, then our mind sets in motion any and all events to make that our reality. Whatever beliefs, thoughts, and ideas that your mind becomes familiar with, or is conditioned to, must become a part of you and that is who you become. But how do we get our minds to conceive and believe, and ultimately achieve, the things we want?


The mind is like having our own personal little computer - it just tosses out results based on the instructions we give it.

When we want different outcomes or results, we need to give our minds new sets of instructions to follow.

This activity is sometimes called self-suggestion or auto-suggestion or subliminal messaging, however  reframing is a bit more catchy.

Reframing is when you continuously introduce new ideas and thoughts into your mind until they become a dominant belief. In Human Resources, it is sometimes referred to as a paradigm shift, a necessary tool for organization development.

What has this got to do with the Universe? Well, just about everything!

The amount of belief/s we have in our mind can be reframed, changed or revised. This however depends on the gravity of the belief. For example, replacing a glass of milk with water is easier than replacing a tub or pool with apple juice.  

Applying the concept of change, beliefs are really nothing more than thoughts - ideas that we think are true. Would you believe me if I told you that beliefs are not facts? and that they are only thoughts - us believing that what we know is true make it positively accurate and correct - thus making it real.

However, we can choose to think and believe whatever we want. The more we think about our ideas, the more it becomes our belief and thus making it our own reality.

"What the mind can conceive and believe, the body can achieve."

For example, you saw an advertisement for a brand new car. You liked it very much that you can actually see yourself driving it. Next thing you know, you are doing double shifts, selling old stuff to save for that dream car. Cutting on unnecessary expenses just to make that down payment. Making that dream into a reality without you actually knowing it sometimes bring you in awe.  After reaching your goals you then go to a new objective.

Famous personalities like Alexander Graham Bell knew that if he held the concept of the telephone in his mind, the ideas, people and resources to make it a reality would come to him. And it did.

If we choose  to have a new belief, our world will change to make that belief a reality.

Successful people will have the same baseline story - that they foresaw their achievements before actually happening.

I don't claim to be successful because I am still in the process of making some of my dreams come true. You are not any different - you can live your dream and make it a reality.

The Secret of the Universe is not such a big secret after all!

Life as we know it gives us just this1 chance to live it the way we want it. No matter how impossible or bleak things may be, changing our perspective gives us another opportunity to make things happen. When ideas are generated with passion, the Universe, from some cosmic reason accelerates the realization of your vision.  

Now that you know the secret - start paying attention to your thoughts, ideas and visions. You may not know it - but you might be already living your dream! 

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Reply JR Cacho
4:16 AM on February 20, 2011 
As a similar saying goes... " Be carefull on what you wish for" - this i have personally proven, tested and still use. It almost makes me feel like a witch... hmmmm i'm sure you'll agree that i am - hahahaha... Thumbs up to the Secrets of the Universe buddy!
Reply Christopher Jacob
1:15 AM on February 21, 2011 
Hi JR, nice to hear from you - and good to know that you enjoyed reading my post.

I do believe in this as well - wishing is somewhat is like wanting.

When people make a wish - (having said to be careful about what you wish for) actually falls on the same concept of re-framing. When you want something so bad, you wishing for it is like putting bits and pieces of a plan together in your mind. Whatever is hatched as an idea work its way through the cosmos and viola!

I know about your "craftiness" but does not at all put you in the category of goofer-dust personalities.

Talk about your abilities ... I am well aware that you have "certain mystic powers". People BEWARE!

LOL! Miss you buddy!