The Mind of a Married Man

Destination Unknown

About Señor CJ

An accomplished and business focused Senior HR Professional  with 24 years of experience driving change, consolidating HR operations, creatively managing work teams, launching continuous improvement initiatives,    and ultimately achieving corporate objectives for prominent international organizations and companies in the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, China, and GCC (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait & Oman)   

Proficient in the design and administration of HR plans that have captured double-digit operational cost savings, noticeably heightened multi-location efficiencies and sustained old & new profit centers.

A strategic HR partner, well versed and highly effective in providing vision and counsel for business start-up, corporate accelerated growth development planning, recruitment/staffing, talent, retention & succession management.

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Armed with a Bachelors and Master’s Degree from the Green Archer's University in Manila, of which he majored in Human Resources Management - (avidly calls it as "People Innovation");  he takes life as it is and with a simple undertaking..."If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" 

Should you ask what is it that defines CJ? Simple. "Family"

"My wife Azel whom most people say refined me in infinite ways, molded me to be the machete that only she can scourge.

Iggy, AC, (Soda) & Carline whom I take my strength from defines my soul to what and how I see things - my life decisions are based on how I want their future to be and with that, nothing else matters." 

Born on the 28th of March, (a Tuesday) at Batangas City Philippines

Married to AJ

Father of 4 Children, (Iggy), (AC), † (Soda) & (Carline)

Loves Traveling, Music, Cooking, Video Games, Aqua Sports, Pistol Shooting, Ball Games

Bachelors Degree in Management, majored in Human Resources 1994

Masters Degree in Human Capital Management 2003

Listens to Rock and Roll, Grunge, Acoustic & Alternative Music

Plays the Guitar, Piano and Flute

HR Practitioner by heart and soul 

Retardedly Personified (whatever that means!) 

Skype Logo:      cjacob28