The Mind of a Married Man

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Welcome to "The Mind of a Married Man" 


Wonder what's in store for you here? This site is where I profoundly discuss, narrate and chronicle all my thoughts about Family, Relationships, Parenting, Marriage and the basic perversity of human nature.

The purpose of which is for me to share my adventures, knowledge and experiences to the rest of the world, well at least to friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances that are within my circle of influence. 

Seeing the world thru the eyes and mind of a married man is always subjective.  Thoughts as wicked as it may seem - illogical as it is sometimes presented, maybe “retardedly” funny in some  cases but most certainly I will try to present the practical application of each situation, scenario or experience for all to relate.

If by some strange force you get inspired browsing thru my pages and feel the need to create your own site, all you have to do is register for free and activate your account - and start uploading whatever it is that you feel like sharing. You can invite your own members to be party to your own virtual world. It's fun, creative and shall be one of the treasures you can share with your loved ones for them to remember you by ... your memories!

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